Monday, February 07, 2005

Further FOI stories 7th February - Demand information audit copy if FOI request is not being met
Letter from Sebastian Nokes, Partner, Aldersgate Partners - advises what steps should be taken by the public if freedom of information requests are not being met.
"We recommend that anyone who is not getting a proper reply to their FOI request should submit a further request to the authority asking for a copy of its information audit. If the authority does not have one, or if it is incomplete, the inquirer will be able to show that it has not prepared properly for the act. If it does have one, the inquirer will be able to see where the information sought is likely to be held."

If you want to learn more about information auditing I have written a report, available via FreePint

The Times 7th February - Labour denies dirty tricks claim over Black Wednesday papers

Black Books (Times, p19, 7 February)

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