Friday, September 01, 2006

New ICO website

The Information Commissioner's Office have relaunched their website. It is a big improvment on the previous one. The structure does seem clearer and there are some new features. The most welcome one is a new decision notice database, you can now browse and search for decisions by name of authority, date and section of the FOIA/EIRs. They have also made the decision notices available as an RSS feed. This will enable users to view the notices alongside other news feeds using an RSS reader (if you are new to RSS see the BBC site). This site for example also has an RSS feed.

Because the decisions are now available as RSS this enables me the "scrape" this information using a script and we now have an decision notices page on the blog that will be automtically updated. At the momemt the public authority name is not appearing in the RSS - I'll ask the ICO about this.

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Peter HOAR said...

With the nice Birthday Card I just sent to the ICO - celebrating the first birthday of my complaint FS50086109, I asked if the ICO would put the full complaint Caselist on their website as a matter of routine, (downloadable and updated (say) monthly) so we can all see what is going on. If it is on the new website, I haven't found it yet. Nor have I found mention of the "FOI Case Reception Procedures/Guidance" notes on the new website. These notes, sent to me in April, give hints on how to jump the complaint queue. It would be nice not to have to wait for the Caselist to appear occasionally (and very much appreciated too) on your Blog. I asked for a positive response, or reasons why not - on an FOI basis (and to encourage confidence in public authorities.) Peter HOAR