Sunday, January 11, 2009

30 year official secrets rule may be changed to 15

11 January 2009
The Independent on Sunday
The 30-year rule on government secrets should be changed to 15 years, allowing confidential papers from the Thatcher and Major administrations to be revealed, an official review is expected to recommend.

Secrets behind events such as the miners' strike, the poll tax riots and Black Wednesday may be laid bare as early as next year. A new 15-year rule would also see the battles of the first year of Tony Blair's government revealed in three years' time.

An independent review of the 30-year rule on disclosure of confidential government papers was set up by Gordon Brown in 2007, headed by Paul Dacre, editor of the 'Daily Mail'. The review team reported to the Prime Minister last year. Its findings are to be made public this month.
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