Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The FOI Officer's perspective

Readers might like to know about an interesting new blog on FOI written by a FOI practitioner:
I’ve been keen for some time to find a forum to write about FOI. When I talk to colleagues or people I meet who have not really understood the benefits of this legislation, I have wanted to address their concerns. When I read other blogs or articles in the Press about FOI, criticising fellow FOI Officers, dismissing the use of exemptions, berating organisations for their seeming lack of openness, I have wanted to read somewhere of the other point of view. Sometimes there are good reasons for refusing requests. Sometimes it is as frustrating for the FOI Officer themselves that they have failed to persuade colleagues or superiors to disclose information. Sometimes I am annoyed by the attitudes of public sector bodies myself and want to point out that their reasoning is wrong.

So this blog looks at FOI from a new point of view. From the inside.
The FOI Man blog is at

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