Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lib Dem criticises Met Commissioner on FOI fees

In response to a report in The Guardian, that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson has lobbied the Home Secretary to introduce a fee for making freedom of information requests, the Lib Dem London Assembly policing spokeperson, Dee Doocey, has said:
It is appalling that the Met Commission is seeking to restrict freedom of information requests being made to the Met. Records already show that the Met has an appalling record in answering requests within the legal deadline, so instead of trying to improve their systems it seems the Met is just seeking to wriggle out of being held accountable.

Of course a few freedom of information requests might seem trivial, but overall such legislation goes a long way to demonstrating the openness and accountability of any public organisation.

Many freedom of information requests have also revealed wasteful expenditure, so often end up saving public money in the long term.

Sir Paul should think again.


On the 1st October the Information Commissioner's office published a list of 30 public bodies that have been flouting the Freedom of Information Act. The Metropolitan Police Service was listed as one of these 30 organisations:
Keep to the law and stop complaining - Dee Doocey criticises Met proposals to limit FOI requests
Protect police from lawsuits, says Met chief - The Guardian, 10 October 2010

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