Thursday, October 24, 2013

MPs call for extension of the FOI Act to cover contracted out public services

An Early Day Motion calling for the extension of the FOI Act to cover contracted out public services has been tabled by Labour MP Grahame Morris and co-sponsored by Caroline Lucas (Green), Mark Durkan (SDLP), John McDonnell (Lab), Margaret Ritchie (SDLP) and Peter Bottomley (Con):
That this House praises the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the transparency and openness it has brought to the public sector and the public right of access of information held by central and local government and its agencies; notes that public services delivered by private companies are currently beyond the scope of the 2000 Act; further notes that, as growing amounts of public services are privatised, ever decreasing amounts of public spend are subject to freedom of information; and supports calls to extend the legislation so that public services contracted out to the private and third sector are covered by freedom of information legislation.
The contracting out of public authority functions to bodies which are not subject to the FOI Act is likely to severely undermine the public’s rights to information. For further information, see the Campaign's evidence to the Justice Committee's review of the Act last year (pg 15-19).

The motion is open for other MPs to sign. Please write to your MP and ask them to sign EDM 613 on 'Extension of Freedom of Information Act 2000'.  You can check the list of MPs that have signed here.

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