Friday, July 11, 2003

Report by the UK parliamentary Ombudmsman on access to Information available

Sixth Report for Session 2002-2003—Access to Official Information- Investigations Completed available in PDF format. Covers cases related to the current non-statutory FOI provision in the UK , the Code of Practice on access to Government Information. Various cases listed give good indications as to likely cases under FOIA.


Includes a case aginast the Driving Standards Agency for releasing details of the driving test routes for both learner drivers and approved driving instructors in his local area. DSA refused to release the information and cited Exemption 7(b) of the Code (Exemption 7(b) could be used “to protect information relating to the conduct of tests, examinations or audits conducted by a department, where disclosure of the methods used might prejudice the effectiveness of the tests or the attainment of their objectives”). The Ombudsman concluded that Exemption 7(b) did not prevent the release of the information and recommended that details of the test routes in Mr N's local area be released to him, which DSA agreed to do. They also said they would make
information available at a local level by placing on the notice board at each test centre a map highlighting all roads used as test routes. The Ombudsman commended DSA for making the information requested available to Mr N, and welcomed their willingness to make information about the roads used in test routes much more widely available.

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