Thursday, October 16, 2003

Department for Constitutional Affairs - The Code of Practice on Access to Government Information

2002 report has been published

The Code will become redundant when the FOIA comes into force in 2005, these reports do offer some indcators for Central goevernment and related agencies


"Using the definition of a Code request, outlined above, there were 5,212 recorded Code requests in the year 2002. This represents an 11.65 % increase on the 4,668 recorded Code requests received in 2001, but is less than the 5,969 requests received in 2000"

"The Ombudsman received 42 complaints in 2002, which compares to 33 received in 2001 and 36 received in 2000. She agreed to investigate 23 of them. The Ombudsman completed 19 investigations in 2002, of which 7 concerned complaints received that year."

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