Friday, May 21, 2004

Proposed UK FOI charges -lobby your MP

Since the Guardian has broken the story about the proposed increases in FOI charging I have decided to publish documents that the story has been based on. I am doing so in order for people to see the proposed changes for themself in full.

Wkg Group Recs - Treasury comments.doc
Working Group recs - ICO comments.doc

My own personal view is that these changes could have an immense impact on use of FOI by individuals and organisations. Costs on information will act as a barrier - the evidence from Ireland and Australia that I have posted on serveral ocassions backs this view.

I therefore urge you all to write to your MP to press for these changes not to be made. I will in the next few days post a letter you can download. Alternatively you can also use the Fax Your MP service to lobby direct

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