Tuesday, July 13, 2004

National Association for Information Management

A new emerging 'not for profit' information management group called the
National Association for Information Management may be of interest to Blog readers.

'naim' was formed in 2004 by a group of interested employees of public
sector organisations in the UK.

They believe there is a need for a fast moving, co-operative organisation
which would promote information handling within the public sector and
organisations working with the public sector.

In the past there have been organisations which have done some of this but
it was felt there was a need for an organisation that covered the whole
Information Management spectrum.

naim already has contacts in most sectors of public service and throughout
the country. It will principally be an information sharing portal,
steadily growing to become a lobbying body, a training and accreditation
organisation and a general voice for the public sector with regard to
Information Management issues.

They are currently running a beta site which can be found at they also have the domain name www.naim.org.uk
registered and this will point to the new server soon.

At present there are no joining fees or restrictions on membership (save
certain commercial bodies), such decisions will be made by all members
once we have sufficient representation across the public sector.

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