Friday, July 16, 2004

Useful legal text
The text Information Rights by Philip Coppel published by Sweet and Maxwell is expensive but a very comprehensive and  detailed legal overview of the topic.  Worth having if heavily involved with FOIA.

You can also download a free PDF of these foreign FOIA on the companion website 

Appendix 11: Foreign Official Information Access Acts A/1

Freedom of Information Act 1966 (USA) A/1

Executive Order 12,958 (USA) A/11

Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Australia) A/32

Official Information Act 1982 (New Zealand) A/95

Access to Information Act 1985 (Canada) A/122

Access to Information Act Extension Order No.1, SOR/89-207 (Canada) A/158

Access to Information Regulations, SOR/83-507, (Canada) A/160

Freedom of Information Act 1997 (Ireland) A/167

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