Monday, August 23, 2004

Lighting up corridors of power

By Raymond Buchanan
BBC Radio Scotland's Sunday Live

"A little more freedom is coming our way soon. Government is opening up and allowing some light into the corridors of power.....But the law does not come into force until next year and one lawyer is questioning the executive's amending of documents before the new act is in place.

Cameron Fyfe represents hundreds of child abuse victims who attended schools run by the De La Salle monks from the 1950s.

Some are suing their alleged abusers and believe that vital information for their cases is contained within official reports.

He told BBC Radio Scotland's Sunday Live programme: "The executive has hinted that they are deleting information from the files.

"At the moment we are seeking an order from the court to instruct the executive to produce this information. At the moment the executive are imprisoning information."

The executive admits that it is reviewing thousands of files, but insists that it is doing so to protect personal information."

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