Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Data freedom is a bind, say firms

The Times business section

"LAWS to give people the right to demand information from businesses that work with hospitals, schools and other public-sector bodies have been criticised by small business lobby groups.
The Federation for Small Businesses (FSB) argues that small and medium-sized enterprises are ill-informed and unprepared for the changes in information laws that come into force next year"

Article shows poor understanding of the FOIA by the FSB: incorretcly states :"Mr Bettison is concerned that many businesses will be unaware of their right to charge a fee to people who apply for information, to cover administration costs, and will waste valuable resources satisfying the demands of “Mr Angry characters” with a grudge". This gives a misleading impression that all businesses dealing with public authorities are covered by the Act rather than information held about them.

I'm writing to the Times and FSB to point out the misconception this presents

This article by "The Register" entitled "Freedom of Information means grief for small biz" also makes similar confused statements

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