Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Freedom of Information implementation in the UK - potential technology problems

"A recent PublicNet Briefing reports on research on provision of technology in the public sector to support implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FoI). From 2005, FoI requires public sector organisations to provide public access to any of their information on request, unless such information is exempt. ‘A survey by Comino found that only 17 per cent of Local Authorities have set aside budgets to implement new electronic systems that would simplify the search for information. Another survey by ZyLAB has revealed a third of public sector bodies believe their internal information handling systems will struggle to implement the new legislation.’ Organisations may also be unprepared for non-technological aspects, e.g. the cultural shock of exposing all their workings to the public, including financial information and commercial transactions."

Taken from The British Council

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