Sunday, September 05, 2004

Irish FOIA: decisions published

Some new decisions have been published on the Irish Information Commissioner's website. They take the form of letters. They include a request for identity of the maker of an FOI request to the Midland Health Board:

"On 14 March 2003, a request under the FOI Act was made to the Midland Health Board (the Board) for details, for 2001, in relation to the prescription of the drug class "statins" by GPs in the GMS scheme for the region. Following notification by the Board to the GPs concerned of its decision, one of these GPs (Dr X) requested "full information about the identity and details of the requester" that had submitted the request of 14 March 2003"

......The Commissioner directed that the first requester's request (an e-mail) be released to Dr X, subject to the deletion of particular portions of that e-mail which were not covered by the scope of Dr X's request." (this was "subject to the withholding by the Board (a) of all details concerning the person who made the request on behalf of the first requester and (b) the deletion of the points numbered 1. - 4. in the record.)"

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