Saturday, October 09, 2004

ACT NOW Training

Act Now Training has the following resources on its website:

- a flowchart on how to deal with an FOI Request
- an article on FOI and social work
- an article on FOI and procurement (Scottish version to be added soon)

It also has a free newsletter you can subscribe to. The latest issue is now available and contains lots of stories and links as well as a summary of the recent ACT Now FOI conferences held in London and Edinburgh. Keynote speakers included representatives of the Irish Information Commissioner's Office as well as their England and Scotland counterparts, the Campaign for Freedom of Information, journalists and expert lawyers.

Act Now is running courses on basic FOI which have been revised to cover environmental Information, contracts and tendering and the link with DPA.

There are also two courses running on advanced FOI for decision Makers in Manchester and London.

Full details at

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