Thursday, December 09, 2004

Conservatives comment on Select Committee report

From Conservative Party website:

"Reacting to today's Constitutional Affairs Select Committee report, which criticises the Department for Constitutional Affairs for lack of advice, coordination and leadership in the introduction of Freedom of Information Act in January, Shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs Oliver Heald said:

"There are 100,000 public bodies which have to comply with the new Freedom of Information Act in January. It is clear that many are not ready and the system will only be able to cope if few applications are made.....The DCA have had 4 years to get this right. If Lord Falconer and Tony Blair had concentrated on this rather than trying to abolish the Lord Chancellor and set up a Supreme Court, things would be in better shape. Their mixed-up priorities mean the introduction of the Freedom of Information Act is now potentially a disaster in the making."

A rather bland critique, the Conservatives would appear to be not that interested in FOI

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