Monday, December 06, 2004

House of Commons Library Research Paper

Published on 24th Nov. Gives a useful overview of the FOI implementation process. Gives a brief mention to my Code request on fees.

04/84 Freedom of Information implementation

I Outline of the legislation
A. FoI and devolution
B. Publication schemes
C. Environmental Information Regulations
D. Public records
II Making a FoI request
III Implementation arrangements
IV How much will FoI be used?
A. Experience of the Code of Practice on Access to Government
B. Overseas experience
C. Monitoring arrangements
D. Fees and charges
E. Handling appeals
V FoI and Members of Parliament
A. Parliament
1. Parliamentary administration
2. Parliamentary questions
3. Select committees
B. Elected Representatives and Political Parties
C. How Members and political parties may use FoI

The research papers are: "compiled for the benefit of British Members of Parliament by the staff of the House of Commons Library. They are an occasional series of papers, numbered by year and sequence of publication, and usually deal with topics of current parliamentary interest. They aim to be politically impartial and contain factual information"

There is also a "Standard note" on Freedom of Information Requests available (shorter summary)

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