Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Freedom of Information Act – Conservatives challenge Government with 120 embarrassing questions

Taken from, many of these requests will have little chance of ever being answered in full as I'm sure many will fall under the S35 (formulation of government policy) and S36 (prejudice to coduct of public affairs) exemptions

What did the Government really think about the outcome of the Hutton and Butler Inquiries?

Why did the Government change its policy on holding a referendum on the EU Constitution?

When was Gordon Brown told that Tony Blair wanted a third term and what was his reaction?

Why were 8 Chinook MK3 helicopters grounded at a cost to the tax payer of £205 million?

Where did foot and mouth disease really originate and was there a cover-up of the truth?

"These are just a few of the first 120 questions which senior Shadow Ministers are asking 10 government departments in the first tranche of tough questions under the Freedom of Information Act."

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Anonymous said...

These information requests aren't phrased very well are they? They should be asking for specific bits of information, not "was there a cover up of the truth". There's hardly going to be a "Covering of the Truth Report" filed away somewhere is there? Surely that's for us to decide after we see the information. But you have to ask useful questions first.
Wonder if they'll be classed as vexatious? Now that'd be funny. :)