Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Guardian article on FOI and Academia

Where's the beef? How much will academic researchers benefit from the new Freedom of Information Act, asks John Crace
Tuesday January 11, 2005
The Guardian

"Peter Hennessy's postgraduate students have formed a Freedom of Information hit-squad to target documents from the late 70's - on the grounds that the government is likely to care less about their disclosure than about papers from more recent times - but it's fair to say there hasn't exactly been a stampede of researchers rushing to the post office to send off their requests to Whitehall"

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Anonymous said...

I am interested in what the media is using the FOI for, and if political parties are requesting information on government. Is there anyway to find out what people are requesting, or who is requesting information? I am guessing not, but I would be very interested in any ideas. thanks. ericreller@gmail.com