Thursday, January 27, 2005

Media round-up

This is North Scotland 22nd January - Confidential deal cited in row over police cars
"The chief constable of Northern Constabulary yesterday defended his decision to keep secret how much his new luxury company car was costing Highland taxpayers....He said the force negotiated a "significant discount" and cited the Freedom of Information Act for not revealing the cost.....Mr Latimer added: "I would be quite happy to disclose those figures and seek guidance from the board . . . because there are exemptions within the act with regard to commercial confidence that I could choose, as chief constable, not to disclose at this meeting." He also said there was an outside risk Ford could sue for breaching confidentiality. A Land Rover spokesman declined to comment on the likelihood of suing the police and, when asked for the vehicles' cost said: "We don't go into that kind of detail and that would apply to any kind of customer." 26th January - Advice on legality of war to remain secret
"Media organisations, including the Financial Times, were sent a letter refusing the document on the grounds it is protected by legal professional privilege."

The Scotsman 27th January - Anti-secrecy law blitz on expenses 'swindles'

The Times 27th January - Judges are ready to end secrecy to prove that there is no bias
"The secrecy of the family courts system would be stripped away under radical reforms being drawn up by senior judges which would open hearings to the public"

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