Monday, January 10, 2005

Media Roundup

Government Computing 4th Jan - Whitehall files online under FoI

BBC News 9th Jan - Uncovering the secrets of the NHS

BBC News 5tb Jan- How free is American information

BBC News -7th Jan. Unbuttoning Sir Humphrey

Observer 9th Jan - Falconer to curb secrecy of ministers
"The cabinet minister responsible for the new Freedom of Information Act has said that ministers' diaries and details of who they meet should be opened up to public scrutiny"

New York Times 8th Jan- Questions About Royal Land Test New British Disclosure Law Registration required

Hexam Courant 7th Jan - Parents cite Freedom of Information
"Parents fighting against Northumberland County Council plans to reorganise education are set to use the Freedom of Information Act to support their case. The Northumberland Education Action Group (NEAG) says that the council has failed to answer the questions requested by parents over a number of months. The council revealed its plans for education in December last year by releasing the controversial Putting the Learner First strategy document.However, the action group feels that more information should be made available regarding surplus places, finance, catchment area models, and other is seeking information such as draft reports on documentation supplied to independent evaluators, estimates for highway improvements at school sites, surplus places calculations, and details relating to catchment area models."

Scotsman 7th Jan - Royal Papers May Be Exempt from Freedom of Information Act

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