Tuesday, January 25, 2005

MoD tops table of requests for far to Central Govt

FT.com 24th January - MoD targeted for freedom of information queries

"The Ministry of Defence has been the target of more freedom of information requests than any other government department, reflecting concerns over Iraq. But a Financial Times survey shows the predicted deluge of FoI requests in the first weeks of the new openness regime has failed to materialise, suggesting that business and the public have yet to wake up to the opportunities offered by the legislation."

Article includes some figures of total requesys so far, I've summarised here in, as they spread across the article. Across central government, informal reports indicated there were about 900 requests in the first week, according to the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which oversees the FoI regime

Home Office refused to comment
Foreign Office refused to comment
The MoD and its agencies - 443 requests
Cabinet Office - 268 requests
DFES - 92 requests
Dept of Health - 80 requests
Treasury -40 requests
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - 5-100 requests
DTI - 72 requests
Dept of Transport - 84- plus 40 to agencies
Dept of Constitutional Affairs - 82 requests
Dept of Culture Media and Sport - 79 requests

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