Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Publicity in Democratic Decision Making
Bringing social scientists and political philosophers together

May 23, 2005
International Workshop
Chaire Hoover d'ethique economique et sociale
Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Convenor : Axel Gosseries (gosseries@etes.ucl.ac.be)

This international workshop will confront social science and philosophical perspectives on the extent to which publicity/transparency should be regarded as a desirable goal from the point of view of a theory of democracy. The working language will be English. Five papers will be presented. Except for the one presented as a video-conference, each of them will be introduced by the speaker during a period of 35 minutes, followed by a 10 minutes comment prepared by each discussant, and a 25 minutes general debate on the paper. The reference papers will be pre-circulated via E-mail. Participation is free of charge. Prior inscription is compulsory however. E-mails should be sent to Therese Davio at Davio@etes.ucl.ac.be, with « Inscription Publicity workshop » as message title. IMPORTANT : In order to allow for an in-depth debate, the number of participants will be limited in principle to 50, on a first come, first served basis.


Morning Session - Chairperson : Justine Lacroix (ULB)

9h00-9h15 : Introductory note

9h15-10h35 : Prof. David Stasavage (London School of Economics, International Relations).
Publicity of debate in the US Fed. Evidence and broader relevance
Discussants : Geert Demuijnck (Lille) + TBA

10h35-10h50 : Coffee Break

10h50-12h10 : Prof. Alasdair Roberts (Syracuse University, Public Administration).
Inside the Glass House. Can surveillance of government corrode governance?
Discussants : Frédéric Varone (UCL) + Hervé Pourtois (UCL)

12h10-13h30 : Lunch Break

Afternoon Session - Chairperson : TBA

13h30-14h50: Dr. Daniel Naurin (University of Göteborg, Political Science).
Transparency and Lobbying in the EU
Discussants : TBA + Laurent de Briey (UCL)

15h00-16h20 : Prof. Robert MacCoun (Univ. of California at Berkeley, Social Psychology)
Publicity and the judicial process
Discussants : Patricia Popelier (Antwerpen) + Alain Marciano (Reims)

16h20-17h20 : Prof. Eugene Borgida and Brad Lippmann (Univ. Minnesota, Social Psy.)
Media Coverage of the Courtroom (video-conference).
Discussants : Fr. Tulkens (FUSL) + TBA

17h20-18h : Concluding debate

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