Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Further DCA FOI disclosures

The following FOI disclosures have been added to the DCA website, without links to to the full documents though.

3 Feb 2005 Pension arrangements of the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor

3 Feb 2005 Legal Services Consultative Panel
Minutes of the fourth meeting of the Legal Services Consultative Panel held on the 28 February 2000.

2 Feb 2005 Proportional representation in the voting system
Documents related to the Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System

1 Feb 2005 Lord Irvine's resignation
A copy of Lord Irvine's resignation letter dated 12 June 2003 and the Prime Minister's response.

1 Feb 2005 Special advisors
Salaries and expenses of special advisors of the Department Constitutional Affairs in 2004. Information relating to the cost of special advisors is published annually (Hansard, 22 July 2004, col 466w-470w). Special advisors in the DCA claimed no expenses in 2004.

1 Feb 2005 Office of Lord Chancellor in the constitutional system of the United Kingdom.
Note of a meeting held on 23 October 2002 between departmental officials and Erik Jurgens, Rapporteur on the office of the Lord Chancellor in the constitutional system of the UK for the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights.

31 Jan 2005 Details of personal expenses of the Lord Chief Justice for the last five years.
The Lord Chief Justice's expenses associated with overseas visits and conferences and domestic rail travel.

31 Jan 2005 Email guidance
Guidance to staff on the use of e-mail issued in July 2004 by the Head of the Home Civil Service. The guidance covers email status, content, disclosability, responsibility and storage / destruction.

31 Jan 2005 Salaries for Lord Falconer, Mr David Lammy, Mr Christopher Leslie and Baroness Ashton for 2004 and expense claims for each in the last three months of 2004
Ministers' salaries are published on the Cabinet Office website.

27 Jan 2005 Hunting Act 2004
A letter dated 14 December 2004 to Justices Chief Executives telling them that the Hunting Act 2004 came into force on 18 February 2005.

26 Jan 2005 The cost of maintaining the former judges' lodgings at Telscombe Manor, Lewes between 1 April 2003 - 31 March 2004

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