Thursday, February 24, 2005

Media Roundup

Harrow Times 23rd February- Council deny email purge
"Information that can be requested includes business correspondence like emails, but according to a former insider at the Council, who did not want to be named, a circular email on the Council mailing list last week told employees to delete all messages over six months old. The source said that the Council had never had a policy of deleting emails in the past and that its timing was suspicious in view of the new legislation"

Indepedent 22nd February - Heseltine wrote off Concorde as 'hopeless'
"The documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act at the National Archives in Kew, west London, show that officials correctly predicted that Britain and France would struggle to sell the plane."

Indepedent 22nd February - Michael goes to ground over his secret hunting meetings
"Recently, in a bid to find out what really went on, Pandora asked Defra - under the new Freedom of Information Act - to disclose details of the meetings. And yesterday, my request was formally declined. A letter of rejection says that Michael would like to stress that "over the last three years, his door was open to all sides in the debate on hunting". However, the matter is exempt from FOI legislation because it "relates to the formulation of government policy."

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