Thursday, February 17, 2005

Media Roundup

New Scientist - Privatising nuclear clean-up risks public safety
"Plans to privatise the £48 billion clean-up of the UK's nuclear sites could put public safety at risk. The warning comes in documents compiled by the government's nuclear safety advisors released to New Scientist under the new Freedom of Information Act. They reveal "serious concerns" about the plans, which will allow private companies to tidy up the radioactive mess left by 60 years of nuclear power. Advisers fear that financial pressures will encourage the companies to cut corners and will increase the risk of accidents."

ZDnet 17th February - EDS investigations revealed
"A disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act reveals four Whitehall investigations into IT supplier EDS in just three years"

BBC News 16th February - Restaurant hygiene to go online
"Diners in Aberdeen will soon be able to check the cleanliness of their chosen restaurant before deciding to book a table, it has emerged.
The city council is to make inspection reports on food premises available to the public for the first time online."

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