Monday, February 21, 2005

National Digital Archive of Datasets

29 datasets, which were formerly closed, are now open and available
from the National Digital Archive of Datasets. Following the Freedom
of Information Act coming into force, the Department has agreed that
no FOI exemptions apply to the data. The datasets are:

CRDA/13/DS/1/1985-1991 Schools' Census: Primary, middle and secondary
schools 1985-1991 (7 datasets)
CRDA/13/DS/2/1985-1991 Schools' Census: Special schools 1985-1991 (7 datasets)
CRDA/13/DS/3/1985-1991 Schools' Census: Nursery schools 1985-1991 (7 datasets)
CRDA/13/DS/4/1985-1991 Schools' Census: Indepedent schools 1985-1991 (7 datasets)

In addition, the 1993 dataset for Primary, middle and secondary
schools (CRDA/13/DS/1/1993) is now open without restriction. This
dataset was formerly only made available in an aggregated format.

See the Series catalogue for further details.

The Schools' Census is an annual survey of schools conducted by
the former Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) and its
predecessors which gathered information about school size, types of
classes, numbers and types of staff, numbers of students etc. There
are separate sub-series for local authority maintained primary,
middle and secondary schools, special schools, nursery schools and
independent schools. Schools in England and Wales are included down
to 1977, after which Welsh schools are only found in the independent
school datasets (with the rest covering schools in England only).

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