Thursday, March 31, 2005

Media roundup

Daily Telegraph 30th March - Royal wedding requires clergyman, says advice for Princess Margaret
"Legal advice given half a century ago that a member of the Royal Family could be married only by a clergyman in England and Wales was published yesterday by the Government, barely a week before the Prince of Wales is due to marry Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony...The advice is in a draft memorandum to the Cabinet by Viscount Kilmuir, the Lord Chancellor, released by his successor under the Freedom of Information Act"

Also see: full documents at the DCA website

Computer Weekly 29th March - Health bosses tell trusts to refuse freedom of information requests about NPfIT deals
"Whitehall officials are asking executives in health authorities and trusts to refuse requests under the Freedom of Information Act for information about contracts worth billions of pounds under the national programme for IT (NPfIT) in the NHS."

Evening Standard - Bus lanes to treble
" Secret plans for a huge increase in London's bus lanes can be revealed by the Evening Standard today. Transport officials aim almost to treble the amount of road space reserved for buses in a bid to speed up journeys and get more people onto public transport. The plans are revealed in documents obtained from Transport for London by the Standard using the Freedom of Information Act."

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