Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Media Roundup

ICDumfries -"Government cars use revealed
Government cars made nearly 300 trips in less than five months between the Executive's ministerial headquarters and the Scottish Parliament, it has emerged."

Managing Information 8th March -Meeting Demands Of Freedom Of Information Act Could Be 'Cheaper'
"While requests for previously unavailable information have been rolling in since the Freedom of Information Act came into force on New Year’s Day, some public bodies and Government departments have struggled to cope. Many are failing to turn around information within the required 20-day limit set down, not due to the sheer weight of enquiries but because of the type of information being requested."

ICLiverpool - Who pays the bills for spinning the news?
"The Daily Post has used new rights under the Freedom of Information Act to find out exactly how much some local public bodies are spending on PR"

Computer Weekly - Conservative Party backs call for audit of NHS IT scheme
"Of 20 named trusts in London which are due to go live with new systems in the next year, 19 are at red status, which indicates that a key milestone is threatened, one is at amber and one at green.....Documents released to Computer Weekly under the Freedom of Information Act by trusts around the country highlight other concerns, few of which are reflected in the national programme's announcements and literature."

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