Monday, March 21, 2005

News roundup

Reuters 19th March -Woman finds freedom laws mean no free man
"LONDON (Reuters) - When the government introduced its new freedom of information laws, Angela Wright seized on them as a chance to find an unattached man in uniform."

Guardian 19th March - I've got freedom of information. Now I'd like a man in a uniform
"When the Freedom of Information Act came into effect on January 1 it led to a stream of serious requests, from demands for the attorney general's advice on the war to the official papers on Black Wednesday. But what no one had counted on was Angela Wright."

Guardian 18th March - Private academies fail Commons exam
"Last month a confidential government report obtained by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act supported his view, warning that the new academies threatened to create a two-tier system based on social class. The document commissioned from PriceWaterhouseCoopers was based on a study of similar schools in the US and said academies would introduce a "quasi-market" in education"

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Shobha said...

Hey, great work. This is Shobha here from India where the campaign to bring about the passage of Freedom of Information Act is still underway. We have the law enacted in about 9 states but we still don't have a central law. What I am interested in knowing is does the Freedom of Information Act in UK empower a common citizen to demand information from BBC as it is public funded.