Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cabinet Office referrals

From Al. Roberts:

Under the DCA policy in force up to March 1, 2005, certain cases referred to the DCA Clearing House could be subsequently referred to the Cabinet Office's Histories, Openness and Records Unit (HORU). According to Paragraph 26 and Annex E of the Access to Information Central Clearing House Toolkit, HORU was to take the lead on "those cases intrinsic to the operation of collective responsibility, Cabinet and the role of Ministers, and those cases in which the Prime Minister takes personal interest."

A list of cases referred from DCA to HORU up to March 1, 2005 is now posted at The list was provided by HORU in response to an FOIA request.

After March 1, 2005, the responsibility of handling cases referred from DCA
has been assumed by the Cabinet Office's Ministerial Support Team (MST).

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