Friday, April 15, 2005

Complying with the Records Management Code

Draft available on the National Archives website:

Complying with the Records Management Code: Evaluation Workbook and Methodology – Consultation Draft

"The Freedom of Information Act was implemented fully in January 2005. The Act creates a right of access to official information and places a duty on public authorities to publish information in accordance with “publication schemes”. In addition, the Act encourages all public authorities to maintain their records in accordance with the provisions of a Code of Practice issued by the Lord Chancellor under section 46 of the Act giving guidance on the practice which, in his opinion, it would be desirable for them to follow in connection with the keeping, management and destruction of records (hereafter referred to as the Records Management Code).

The National Archives (TNA) has developed an evaluation workbook to assist public authorities in assessing conformance of their record management systems to the Records Management Code. This edition of the workbook has been published as a formal public consultation draft and comments and contributions are invited. It is intended to produce and publish a revised edition following the end of the consultation period in July 2005."

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