Monday, April 18, 2005

Media roundup

Scotland on Sunday 17th April - Scots still missing from tsunami
"After we requested the information under the Freedom of Information Act, a police spokesman said: "A total of 11 cases are classed as being under investigation by Scottish police forces, where individuals are either missing or confirmed dead." The Foreign Office refused to give any further details."

Scotsman 15th April - Con alert over Information Act
"LOTHIAN businesses have been warned to beware of bogus companies trying to con them out of cash under cover of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. Trading standards officers are investigating an organisation called the Freedom of Information Bureau after it tried to sting businesses by telling them they must register their CCTV systems under the Act."

BBC News 15th April - Money worries at 11 universities
"Eleven English universities are on an official watch list because of concerns about their financial health. This was confirmed by the Higher Education Funding Council for England after it released confidential papers."

The Register - George Bush fears email privacy breach
"US prez George Bush has admitted he does not send personal emails to daughters Jenna and Barbara for fear that his "personal stuff" might end up in the public domain.Bush made the admission on Thursday to the American Society of Newspaper Editors during a discussion centring on whether the US government is sufficiently forthcoming to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, Reuters reports. Bush said the administration gets around 3.5 million FOIA requests a year and noted: "I would hope that those who expose documents are wise about the difference between that which truly would jeopardize national security and that which should be read."

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