Monday, April 18, 2005

Public Services and ICT

The new report produced by the Work Foudation: "Public Services and ICT: why ICT? The role of ICT in public services" is a recommended read, it provides some interesting research about the context of the perceived value of ICT related to the current E-Government agenda and discusses marrying the views of the public and staff in the public sector. The report argues "There is a real danger that misunderstanding, mismanagement and miscommunication will confound the drive towards better public services".

Although not explicitly mentioning FOI the issues raised here can certainly be rasied in that context: how does FOI contribute to public perception and value? How do we marry the input (overhead costs) of FOI with the outputs? Should FOI be subject to value judgements? What value do IT solutions for FOI have?

-Read the press release
-Download full report PDF (50 pages)

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