Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Media roundup

Daily Telegraph 10th May - Our lips are sealed
"The IFA Defence Union, which featured here last Saturday, has got a reply to its letter to the Financial Services Authority. Under the Freedom of Information Act it asked whether the FSA had a list of employees who were freemasons and if not, whether it intended to compile one. "Following a search of our paper and electronic records," says Sherine Malko, "I can tell you that we do not hold the information you requested. The Act does not oblige us to explain why we do not". So there."

Independent 10th May - Lord Puttnam: 'I should have been smarter'
"Material obtained under the Freedom of Information Act earlier this year showed that there had been extensive lobbying by national newspaper groups, including News International, on the new cross-media ownership rules. Murdoch and his executives have consistently said they have no interest in buying Five."

Transparency International- Malaysia- Freedom of Information Act sought by human rights groups
"On World Press Freedom Day that fell on May 3, Parliamentary Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang announced that his office would convene a conference next month inviting all MPs, political parties, mass media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to formulate a concerted, nationwide campaign to demand a Freedom of Information Act."

Guardian 9th May - How Wham! baffled Chinese youth in first pop concert
"A British embassy report - released to the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act - described the cultural confusion on the day that pop came to Beijing."

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