Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Canada - FOI

Some interesting stories relating to the Federal Access to Information Act in Canada:

Canadian Newspaper Association - Public's Right to Know in Failing Health in Canada: CNA Access to Information Study Slams Bureaucracies that Block Requests
"For Canadians trying to get answers about how governments make decisions affecting their daily lives, odds are high that their requests for information will be denied. Success in accessing public information can depend on where you live, who you are, and how much money you are prepared to spend. That's among the findings of a national audit of Canada's freedom of information systems conducted by the Canadian Newspaper Association. The results were released today in 45 newspapers across Canada."

National Post - OTTAWA -- Canada's information watchdog says a "deep distrust" of the federal freedom-of-information law remains entrenched within government.
In his annual report tabled Monday, John Reid said he was especially disappointed with Parliament's frequent knee-jerk decisions that effectively water down the Access to Information Act.

Officer of the Information Commissioner of Canada Annual Report 2004-5

Cotler set to overhaul access act
The Liberal government will bring forward a draft bill in the fall that will overhaul the outdated federal Access to Information Act, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler said yesterday.

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