Monday, June 13, 2005

International FOI developments

"An English comment o­n the Bundestag's decision to pass a Federal Freedom of Information Act plus some explanatory notes o­n why this is still not perfectly true. There is also an(unauthorised) English text version of the law. Changes from the December 14th version have been highlighted."

Will the Senate (Bundesrat) stopp the law?:

We are all still in the dark

Ms Emily O'Reilly, Information Commissioner, launched her Annual Report for
2004 9th June 2004

The full text of the report, in both English and Irish, is available at

"On a year-on-year basis, the number of applications for review made to the Information Commissioner decreased by 61% in 2004. The total number of FOI requests made to all public bodies has also decreased in 2004. Speaking about the decline in usage, the Commissioner reiterated her belief that a review of the Act and fees should be undertaken. In particular, she stressed her concern about the high cost of appeals to her Office and the impact this has on the overall effectiveness of the legislation."

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