Friday, July 08, 2005

Irish decision notices

The following decision notices have been added to the Irish IC website:

Case 040302 - Ms. Margaret Urwin, Secretary, Justice for the Forgotten and the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform
"Request for access to certificates of withholding in relation to records which contain references to the Dublin bombings of November and December 1982 and January 1973 - whether release is prohibited by section 8(4) of the National Archives Act - section 32"

Case 040020 - Mr X and the Department of Health and Children
"Request to the Department of Health and Children (the Department) - request not made in writing - whether a valid request had been made - section 7(1) - whether Department's decision capable of review by the Commissioner - section 34(2) - discontinuation of Commissioner's review - section 34(9)"

Case 010072 - Mr X and the Children's University Hospital, Temple St.
"Request for statistics concerning specific activity within St Clare's Unit of the Hospital (the Unit) between 1987 to 1999 inclusive - whether records specifically containing the requested information exist - whether records specifically containing the requested data must be compiled, in the event that the requested information is contained in a variety of records - section 10(1)(a) - in the event that such records must be compiled, is it reasonable to direct the Hospital to do so - section 10(1)(c)."

Case 010321 - Mr. & Mrs. A and the X Health Board
"Records relating to name of person who reported child abuse concerns to the Board - information given in confidence - section 23(1)(b)."

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