Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Media roundup

Press gazette - Nazi freedom of information victory for People reporter
"The Government has been rapped by Information Commissioner Richard Thomas over the way it dealt with a request from the People newspaper for details of Nazi war criminals."

Guardian - The vigilant society
"Thus the facts that we publish today - unearthed with the help of the Freedom of Information Act - on the vetting of applications from foreign students applying to certain postgraduate courses in British universities will prompt concern across the campuses of the UK."
Also - Foreign scientists barred amid terror fears

The Herald - Laughs are thin on the ground for Brown
"Files from Edinburgh University show the chancellor fought doggedly with the institution's authorities for three years after being elected rector in 1972.
.....The release of the documents to the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act comes as Mr Brown is trying to shake off his rather dour public image."

BBC - Farmers' subsidy 'secrecy' anger
"A Labour MP says he is "baffled" by a refusal to publish details of subsidies paid to Welsh farmers, when similar details are released in England."

E-gov monitor - Isle of Wight leads the way in freedom of information
"The average time to deal with all calls has been eight working days, with 97 percent of all calls being responded to within the official 20 working day limit. In those cases that took longer to resolve, the customer was informed of the reason for the delay and kept up to date on progress."

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