Thursday, July 07, 2005

Media update

Norwich Evening News - City's secret chemical tests unearthed
"Further details of secret germ warfare tests carried out on Norwich families in 1964 were today unearthed by the Evening News.And we can reveal exactly where the top secret experiments were carried out around the city. The Porton Down experiments - which first came to light five years ago - involved the dropping of chemical clouds onto Norwich from light aircraft on four separate occasions 41 years ago....Norwich North MP Dr Ian Gibson, who lobbied on behalf of worried families back in 2000, said: “Even though these experiments were carried out a long time ago, there is still a deep mystery surrounding them. “Whether under the new powers of the Freedom of Information Act we can make sure more information is divulged is questionable."

"SHE had to beat off fierce competition from more than 500 other submissions, but 16-year-old Siobhan Mills from Dundee scooped the top prize - a top-of-the-range iPod - in the Freedom of Information competition featured in January's Young Scot magazine. Following the new Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, which came into force on January 1, 2005, Young Scot and the Scottish Information Commissioner teamed up to find out more about the questions that young people might put to Scotland's public authorities using the new legislation."

Jersey Evening Post - Freedom of information debate gets under way
"A landmark debate on introducing a freedom of information law began in the States this morning and was expected to last most of the day."

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