Tuesday, August 09, 2005

APR Smartlogik research

IT firm APR Smartlogik have produced a research report looking at FOI so far, focusing on central and local government. Contains some interesting insights but should be looked at with some skepticism due to the lack of clarity in the sampling methods, only 15% of local government were surveyed and 50% of Central Government.

The report comes with a health warning; many of the findings being linked to technology based solutions, the report also draws some dubious parallels with the US FOIA regime which shares few similarities with the UK compared with other jurisdictions.

Download report (PDF) registration required

Worth reading in conjunction with the DCA's latest stats and the recent IC annual report

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Anonymous said...

They also seem slightly dodgy to me in terms of the graphics they use to illustrate their report. This includes the CFOI logo and two cartoons from the NZ Privacy Commissioner's site, all without attribution (let alone payment?).