Thursday, August 18, 2005

Learning Events and Courses

Public Partners: "the Autumn Programme has some new and innovative courses, which will help you motivate your organisations in readiness for whatever the Winter may bring. Discounts are available on all these courses for early booking and multiple course attendance. In addition special discounts are available for our Network for Information Professionals clients. Booking forms, details of discounts, together with full details of the course content and sample programmes can be found here:"

Courses include:

Clinicians and Confidentiality
The Regulations on the Re-Use of Public Sector Information
Writing for Disclosure
Human Resources and the Access to Information Regimes
FOI Gymnasium
The Interface between the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act
Data Protection for DP practitioners in the NHS
FOI in Practice: A workshop for Lawyers in the Public Sector
FOI in Practice: A workshop for Lawyers in the Private Sector
Review Clinics
Records Management: Planning for Action
Rules and Tools
FOI & EIR Induction Day
Board Induction
Awareness Raising
Intensive Coaching for Key Individuals
Dealing with Press Issues
Facilitated Discussion for Press Officers

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