Friday, August 12, 2005

Media Roundup

The Guardian - How a runner named Budd split the Tories
"Now documents released by the government have shed light on the affair, revealing how two of the heavyweights of the Thatcher administration clashed during one of the great sporting controversies of the past century."

The Guardian - Commenst - A litany of deception and secrecy
"From the Hutton inquiry to ID cards the government has been arrogant and unswerving in its ambition to remain closed."

The Guardian - news in brief
2m cost of Diana inquiry
The cost of Scotland Yard's investigation into the death of the Princess of Wales in a Paris car crash could reach almost £2m, based on figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. Salaries for the 14-strong team make up most of the spending. UK stops 13 fax marketers - but no spammers
" obtained the government details through a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The ICO's comments follow a report from the department in which it said it required more powers to act against spam but for now the public should complain to their ISPs."

Press Gazette - Critics put pressure on the PCC to open up case files
"Lord Falconer is to consult on controversial proposals which critics hope will force the Press Complaints Commission to open its files to show how it arrives at its rulings.The Lord Chancellor (pictured right)n will launch a consultation exercise later this year to decide whether the Freedom of Information Act should be extended to private bodies carrying out a public function. Subjecting the industry's independent regulator to the same Act that applies to Whitehall departments and public bodies such as local councils would be hugely controversial, and entail a dramatic change of policy by the Government.

Scotsman - Consultations head for 1,000 mark
"THE true scale of the Executive's obsession with consultation papers was laid bare in new statistics published yesterday, which showed that ministers have launched almost 1,000 consultations since the Scottish Parliament was established six years ago." - Treasury snubs arguments for flat tax system
"The Treasury has dismissed arguments for "flat taxes" - a simplified tax system that charges the same rate of tax on all income - as misleading and unsubstantiated, according to analysis re-leased under the Freedom of Information Act."

Daily Post (North Wales) -Energy talks must remain secret, say ministers
"DETAILS of talks about Welsh energy issues must remain secret, ministers ruled yesterday. Economic minister Andrew Davies refused a request to reveal more about Assembly discussions with Westminster under the freedom of information act. "

Surrey online - 'We're kept in dark about council's building plans'
"The group claims it has received documents through the Freedom of Information Act which reveal the council is planning to introduce more than 1,500 houses to East Grinstead in addition to the 2,500 already planned. It also says the total number of additional houses is withheld in the Draft Small Scale Housing Allocations Document, but these plans would result in a population increase of 40 per cent." - Time for the Ministry of Information?
"A minister is needed to manage the Treasury's desire to make money from public sector information, according to an advisory body."

Hendon and Finchley Times - It’s an uphill struggle to get fine facts
"THE Bucks Free Press has appealed to road safety bosses over their refusal to release information about speed cameras on Marlow Hill.A letter has been sent to the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership (TVSRP) asking them to reverse their decision to withhold figures on the number of fines issued and the amount of revenue generated by the cameras.Quoting the Freedom of Information Act, a request was made in April for figures to be divulged."

Commswatch - Ofcom and freedom of information
"As a member of the Ofcom Consumer Panel, I recently asked about applications to the regulator under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. My questions and the answers are as follows.....Requests have been varied and some are extremely complex and challenging, ranging from a tape for a Pink Floyd concert in 1967, board minutes, decision papers, Sitefinder data, requests for technical information etc."

Manchester Evening News - Metrolink: The truth
"THE MANCHESTER Evening News can today unveil a dossier of secret documents that reveals the truth about the Metrolink extension."

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Bishop Hill said...

Presumably you are aware of the Telegraph article about the excisions from the disclosure?

I'm interested to know your ideas on which exemption might have been claimed, given that the Treasury are saying that no minister was involved.