Monday, August 15, 2005

Media roundup - Fresh row over Iraq advice
"Emails sent by a key aide to Tony Blair regarding legal advice on invading Iraq are being kept secret, a newspaper has claimed. The Sunday Times claims the former director of government communications, Baroness Morgan, sent the e-mails after meeting Attorney General Lord Goldsmith."

BBC - New York releases 9/11 documents
"The city of New York has released thousands of fire department files from the attacks on the World Trade Center. They include transmissions recorded on 11 September 2001 and testimonies from firefighters which were gathered later. "

East Anglian Daily Times - 12 police officers charged with crimes
"The East Anglian Daily Times used the Freedom of Information Act to ask Suffolk police for details of officers charged with criminal offences during a five-year period up until July 1."

Sunday Times - Schools ‘cull pupils to lift A-level rank
"Lucas, who obtained the data from the Department for Education and Skills using the Freedom of Information Act, suggested the study showed that parents could no longer rely on schools retaining children at 16 even if they were capable of achieving reasonable A-level results."

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