Friday, August 05, 2005

Media roundup

Press Gazzette - Post reviews its FOI blitz
"Reporter Emma Broom followed these up and found that Lancashire Police had cut the number of traffic police by one-fifth after speed cameras were introduced, that nearly half a million speeding tickets had been issued to people caught on camera in the past four years, that only 40 per cent of those ticketed had paid the fine, and that the renovation of Chorley town hall had overspent by £1million."

Scotsman - Huge rise in women treated for drink binges
"The figures were published by the Executive under the Freedom of Information Act and it is the first time the medical effects of binge-drinking have been revealed in such stark detail."

ICBerkshire - Ikea in talks on opening store
"In a written reply to a Chronicle inquiry under the Freedom of Information Act requesting details of top level discussions the council has had with Ikea, borough head of development Bruce Tindall admitted the company had "targeted Reading as an area they would like to open a store"

Guardian - Heads accused of prejudice in teacher test
"Teachers from ethnic minority groups and those active in trade unions are being discriminated against by heads, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act."

Guardian -US kept in the dark as secret nuclear deal was struck
"It is remarkable then, that documents lying unnoticed in the public records office at Kew should reveal Britain's hitherto unknown role 47 years ago in deceiving the US and supplying Israel with the means to go nuclear."

The Rundown - "rise" in students cheating
"A total of 6,672 incidents of plagiarism and collusion were recorded in 2003/4 at the 64 universities (around half of all) it made requests to under the Freedom of Information Act. What it doesn't make any mention of is how many were recorded in previous years, so quite how it knows they have risen is not clear."

International News
MOZAMBIQUE: Journalists welcome draft Information Bill

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