Tuesday, September 20, 2005

FOI disclosures via RSS

Interesting discussion about RSS on Martin Stabe's blog. Agree with many of the comments Martin makes about disclosure logs and the use of RSS.

For those new to the topic RSS is a form of XML (a web language) for "tagging" news, enabling news feeds of updating information alongside each other in a newsreader. You can read the FOI blog as RSS .

Introduction to RSS
-Example of a free newsreader

-Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust RSS feed
- DFES RSS feed


Jack Chadowitz said...

RSS feeds are becoming part of life today. We use weather feeds on some of our sites and plan to add RSS feeds to the FAQ part of our FOI request tracking product. This will create a non proprietary way of providing FOI request for information and responses. As mentioned in an earlier posting, publishing FOI requests and responses will limit commercialisation of FOI.

Why should the taxpayer via the Act be paying for commercial companies to profit from freely available information?

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