Monday, September 19, 2005

Media update

Guardian (media) Freedom of Information costs BBC £415k
"The BBC has revealed it has spent almost half a million pounds on processing requests under the new Freedom of Information Act but admitted the total cost to the corporation could be much higher."

Sunday Telegraph - Whitehall sees off pressure for redundancies
"But several departments, including the Home Office, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Department for Education and Skills, have failed to make anyone redundant since mid-2004, according to documents obtained by The Sunday Telegraph under the Freedom of Information Act."

Western Mail (Wales) - Minister in Spanish soccer ticket row
"News of the ministerial trip to the match was disclosed to Plaid Cymru after a request under the Freedom of Information Act. Under National Assembly rules, he did not have to formally declare it on the Register of Members' Interests because the value of the ticket was less than 0.5% of his salary."

Scotsman - HOLYROOD hospitality bill soars to £768,000
"Figures released by the Executive under the Freedom of Information
Act showed the hospitality bill for 1999-2000 was £340,000."

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