Friday, September 09, 2005

Media update part one

Selection of articles from the last two weeks, if I missed anything do let me know.

Supply - Enquirers mask their true identities
"Some suppliers requesting details of failed bids under the Freedom of Information Act are hiding their identities because of fears such requests may hamper future contract awards.The trend, whereby would-be suppliers use third parties including private e-mail addresses, solicitors or consultants to mount enquiries, has caused some public-sector bodies to reveal more details of their contract awards."

Glasgow Evening Times - Watchdog raps city chiefs over police secrets
"A WATCHDOG has rapped Glasgow council bosses for trying to keep details of its communications with police secret."

Cambridge Evening News - Statistics may have trapped Shipman
"The new Freedom of Information Act means there's going to be much more information available to people, but that also means there's the possibility of people over-reacting, say to a cluster of deaths. We should be sensible about when to react to a situation and when not to."

The Guardian - Councils slump in customer satisfaction league
"The NCC, which represents consumer interests, compiled the list by using information unearthed through the Freedom of Information Act to show how well served the public feels by different services."

The Guardian - £1.6bn deficit to force cuts in NHS
"Health Emergency said its information was extracted from papers presented to NHS organisations' boards during the summer and published under the freedom of information scheme."

BBC News - LETTERS show nuclear safety worry
"Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show that inspectors
were worried about the strength of some parts of the reactor's graphite

The Guardian - Crackdown planned on student visa abuse
"The Sunday Times reported yesterday that, according to information obtained from 37 universities under the Freedom of Information Act, 17,000 students failed to take up a place at university after confirming an offer."

Daily Mail - A Hitler blitz that misfired
"A faked edition of the London Evening Standard created by the Nazis in an attempt to demoralise the British public is revealed for the first time today....The newspaper has been gathering dust in MI5 files for decades and has now been released to the National Archives under the Freedom of Information Act. "

Daily Telegraph - Blair called on to disclose who paid for luxury holiday yachts
"Tony Blair faced demands from MPs last night to disclose the cost of his recent holiday. The Prime Minister was urged to abandon the secrecy surrounding his Barbados trip after it was revealed that three yachts were chartered to take him and his security entourage on a five day cruise."

Part two to follow later

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