Monday, October 24, 2005

Identity Cards Gateway Review

Taken from the SpyUK FOIA request blog:"The Office of Government Commerce have, after being prompted by the Office of the Information Commissioner, clarified slightly the information which they held at the time of our FOIA request back in January 2005, regarding the Gateway Reviews of the Home Office's Identity Cards Programme."

"We are expecting a Preliminary Decision Notice, from the Office of the Information Commissioner, but not before the end of October (our original appeal was back in April), as it appears that lawyers are being consulted."

Track the history of the request

When the decision appears (soon?) from the ICO it will one of the most important decisions made so far in terms of access to information relating to high level policy. Of most interest to me will be the dicussion of the public interest considerations and the level of detail given by the ICO in the notice. It will also be interesting to note any comments by the ICO about the delays, particularly as SpyUK note, that delay alters the context of the information e.g."Could this delay have anything to do with the fact that the Committee Stage of the Identity Cards Bill, which might have been informed by this Freedom of Information Act request, will be completed by 19th July?"

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